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The easiest and economic way for industrial LED management and controlling using smart phone.

  • No Gateway

  • No Host Computer

  • No Huge Investment

  • WYSWIG (What you see is what you get)

  • Only Smart Phone in auto-forming Bluetooth network

BlueTech is a IOT based wireless lighting control system, under Qualcomm Bluetooth 4.0 CSR Mesh infrastructure to build up a easy to link network without additional gateway or router. Its auto-forming network and auto network repairmen ability not only preventing signal lost problem and easy to build up a long chain via the mesh topology. 

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Only Android smart phone or tablet, Free APP


WYSWIG (What you see is what you get), real-time react

Long transmission distance in open space.

BlueTech controller is the only one device can be easily integrated in your industrial LED lighting, just bring your cell phone to the area you want to manage, connected, adjust to what you want it and done.
Low cost and 100% no wiring.

Scheduling control: 
255 sets timer events.


Scene & Default preset Management.

Support All PWM dimmable LED driver.

Work as a standalone repeater to increase distance. (BTR-300S)


Remote 30A AC relay controlling.

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BlueTech RR (Relay & Repeater) is a multifunctional box which support:
(1) A signal repeater for longer distance between BlueTech controller or Controlling Tablet.
(2) A remote Replay to control ON and OFF for a AC circuit. (AC240V, <=30A, optional for >=30A)
(3) A dimmable box to dim other LED fixtures via PWM interface, max 10 ports
(4) Control single lamp or a group of lamp or electricity devices.

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