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Zigbee Wireless Control System

ZD-210 and ZD-212 are slave Zigbee controllers, via Zigbee mesh network to communicate with ZD310 Zigbee Gateway.All Meanwell or Philips LED driver with 0-10V or PWM interface are controllable.

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(IP65 Water proof)


Zigbee Controller

※Environment and Electrical parameters


Zigbee Controller

※Environment and Electrical parameters

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ZD-310 Gateway is a host Zigbee concentrator /Transmitter to gather and transmit data/command between APP and Zigbee slave controllers (ZD-210, ZD-212). 


ZD-310 transfer signal to WIFI, you can use a standard WIFI router to connect with ZD-310, and Cellphone APP control the system under WIFI signal.


If WIFI router is able to connect internet, your APP is able to work via 3G/4G network to control system.


Zigbee-WIFI Gateway

※Environment and Electrical parameters

※Environment and Electrical parameters


Zigbee Light Sensor

(IP65 Water proof)

The ZD-510 is a Zigbee wireless Daylight sensor to detect lux level and send lux reading to APP for automatic daylight harvest controlling or maintain stable brightness. IP65 rating, suitable for outdoors.

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※Environment and Electrical parameters


Microwave Motion Sensor

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※Environment and Electrical parameters


6 channels

Zigbee Remote Controller

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The ZD-620 is a 5 scenes Zigbee touch panel, you can setup 5 different scenes to control one group of lamps. It is easy to program ON / OFF and dimming value via Gateway and cellphone APP or binding the lamp controllers directly.

When using touch panel, you don’t need to via Gateway, It is suitable for indoors building or home automation control.


1 channels 5 scenes

Zigbee Touch Panel

※Environment and Electrical parameters

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※Environment and Electrical parameters


4 channels 

Zigbee Touch Panel

The ZD-630 is a 4 channels Zigbee touch panel with dimmable function. You can press zone button switch to different groups of lamps and slide the bar to dim the lamp directly without via the Gateway or App.


The programming and binding method is easy as ZD-620, also you can combine other switch to work together.       

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