Zigbee Wireless Control System

ZD-211P and ZD-213XP are slave Zigbee controllers, via Zigbee mesh network to communicate with ZD312P Zigbee Gateway.All Meanwell or Philips LED driver with 0-10V or PWM interface are controllable.



Zigbee Controller

(IP65 Water proof)

※Environment and Electrical parameters


Zigbee Controller

※Environment and Electrical parameters



Zigbee-WIFI Gateway

ZD-312P is a new Gateway which based on Zigbee ZHA 1.2 protocol, support up to 200 zigbee devices and 50 groups, bulit-in clock and replaceable battery. ZD-312P even extend its communication distance to 100M.
ZD-312P transfer signal to WIFI, you can use a standard WIFI router to connect with ZD-312P, and Cellphone APP control the system under WIFI signal. If WIFI router is able to connect internet, your APP is able to work via 3G/4G network to control system.


※Environment and Electrical parameters


The ZD-511P is a Zigbee wireless Daylight sensor to detect lux level and send lux reading to APP for automatic daylight harvest controlling or maintain stable brightness. IP65 rating, suitable for outdoors.


Zigbee Light Sensor

(IP65 Water proof)


※Environment and Electrical parameters


ZD-530P is an solely operated Zigbee microwave motion sensor, unlike traditional sensor, it doesn't need to connect with lamp via cable, install anywhere and control designated lamp group via wireless command after setup via app and work independently without Gateway.


Microwave Motion Sensor

(IP65 Water proof)


※Environment and Electrical parameters


ZD-610P is a 4 channels zigbee hand-held remote controller, It is easy to control 4 different lamp groups via app setup, and operate independently without Gateway.


4 channels

Zigbee Remote Controller

※Environment and Electrical parameters


The ZD-620P is a 5 scenes Zigbee touch panel, you can setup 5 different scenes to control one group of lamps. It is easy to program ON / OFF and dimming value via Gateway and cellphone APP or binding the lamp controllers directly.

When using touch panel, you don’t need to via Gateway, It is suitable for indoors building or home automation control.


1 channels 5 scenes

Zigbee Touch Panel

※Environment and Electrical parameters


The ZD-63P0 is a 4 channels Zigbee touch panel with dimmable function. You can press zone button switch to different groups of lamps and slide the bar to dim the lamp directly without via the Gateway or App.


The programming and binding method is easy as ZD-620P, also you can combine other switch to work together.       


4 channels 

Zigbee Touch Panel


※Environment and Electrical parameters


ZD-650P is a new 6 scenes panel, which can be mapped to user
defined scenes in the app. It is allowed to operate independently
without gateway after setup.


6 Scenes Touch Panel

※Environment and Electrical parameters


ZD-411APP is an 4 channels lamp controller support twin colors/RGB/RGBW output, bases on ZLL/ZHA1.2/Zigbee 3.0 protocol, 12/24/48V DC input, maximum load up to 144W. It is able to control via app, panel and remote controller (only twin color via panel and remote controller)


RGBW Zigbee Controller

※Environment and Electrical parameters



Zigbee Bridge

※Environment and Electrical parameters


ZD-806P is an unique Zigbee expansion device which offer 5 different interfaces to co-work with ECO-Link Pro system. Include 0-10 / 1-10V analog dimming switch, DALI bus, AC L/N detection, Dry contact, even RS232 interface via computer program using our RS232 easy protocol. Use ZD-806P let your Zigbee becomes real IOT system!



ECO-Link Pro
Smart control box

Smart Control Box is a water-proof box combines ZD-312P Gateway, WIFI router and one 100M Zigbee repeater (ZD-213XP) inside.
Suitable for indoors or outdoors installation, provide an independent WIFI (4G WIFI is optional), let your have your own zigbee and WIFI network solely without handling lousy network integration job.


※Environment and Electrical parameters



Industrial Lighting  Android tablet

Industrial Android Table is a full function user interface for easier controlling anywhere.

Screen Size: 7 inches
Operating System: Android 4.3
Input Voltage: 120~240V AC
Connectivity: WIFI/LAN/4G Sim slot